Selected Group Shows


$ 75,000 Alan S. Tofighi Plaque in the Michael Asher Studio (2015)"While in my studio devising a way to prank John Baldessari upon the dedication of his purchase of the C-Art Studio at CalArts, I overheard a tour guide showing investors around the block.Tour Guide: As you can see here this is the Ed Ruscha Studio, this is the Jennifer Steinkamp studio, here is the Susan Steinhauser and Daniel Greenberg studio.
Investor:  Do you have to be an artist to have a plaque?
Tour Guide: No, Susan Steinhauser and Daniel Greenberg are not artists.
Investor: How much are they?
Tour Guide: $75,000.
Investor: Okay I want one.
I could only afford ~$40,000 So i made the plaque myself to save on costs and time."

Drip Chain (2016) installed as part of the installation The Los Angeles Water Table curated by Joachim Eckl. This outdoor social sculpture was one of many by other students in Michael Pisaro's Experimental Music Workshop class at CalArts. Participants were asked to freeze their own personal drinking water and to bring that sculpture where it would interact with other sculptures and sound.

CalArts MFA Open Studios (2017)


Selected Scores by Alan S. Tofighi (2014-2017) b/w Selected Audio from Selected Scores by Alan S. Tofighi (2014-2017) (2017) Book and audio accompaniment by Alan S. Tofighi for the California Institute of the Arts MFA2 Mid Residency Exhibition. the book contains selected Scores, essays and information on the scores, and a packet on the selected audio playable on either disc I or disc II playabel on the batterey powered CD Player

CalArts MFA Open Studios (2018)


Acumen Reducing Stream of Forged/Fatal Actions I (Animal Apocalypse) (2017) and Modular SITSIM Kit (Bête Machine Variant) (2018) as part of Rattlesnake Bells in the Desert (2018) CalArts MFA post-grad Show at the Box Gallery curated by Daniela Lieja-Quinanar