The Hermeneutical Audio Center for Encrypted Polemics (HACCEP) was conceived in 2014 and officially opened to the public and began accepting research fellows in Spring of 2018. The primary goal of HACCEP is to utilize the tools of pattern recognition, and encoding into that of a replayable audio format to make otherwise imperceivable forms apparent. Texts include works of unreadable and indecipherable nature from antiquity to the contemporary. Countless institutions, universities, and intelligence agencies has worked to crack these texts but few have had any leeway past the table of contents. HACCEP is determined to accelerate the process and apply non-standard applications to move past these texts. Utilizing these perceptive tools HACCEP works to solve mysteries of the past the obfuscations of the present.

 HACCEP is a modular research center which comprises an archive, versatile instruments, and a recording studio. The archive that makes up HACCEP exists in two parts: the permanent collection, and the traveling collection, which varies on the site of its temporal institutional housing. 

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