Originating in 2010, Managerially Yours works to solve and put an end to the constant influx of arguments over credibility, youth culture, and the role of Artists yearning to become impresarios within these sectors. A presentation was given to investors explaining the inevitable connection between art and capital and most importantly art and absorption of  youth future to generate new trends,  By Analyzing Alan's "Punk Past" and mapping a common lineage with other artist's Alan works to utilize and establish a rubric for "street cred" Via his collection of Youth Culture rarities, Tenure as a manager for NASA Space Universe from 2011-2017 , Live production work, and the inevitable punk return for 2021 according to the Sekhmet Hypothesis. Via Tour Diaries, selling collectibles and presentation of Varying Items of Varying Cred, Alan Hopes to have perfected his street creed legally by 2021 and offer services to enhance or hinder others.