Mechanized Demonstrations of Brutalized Bias Reduction MDBBR (2016-Present)  Consists of several concealed events of which one has been publicly demonstrated. Reconfiguring the history of Artificial Intelligence and modernisms interwwined relation Technology and Warfare, Post-Information Art, Glitch, and the history of chess in all these fields. 

Functional Exhibition of the Totalizing Obscurant Formalizer for the Implementation of Generating Human Intelligence Machine  (2018) (FETM) Enacts a series of chess matches on an automated chess board against an updated version of IBM's Super Computer Deep Blue which Was the first computer to beat Garry Kasparov in his rematch with DeeP Blue in 1997, the Victory was possible due to a sever glitch in the second round which led Kasparov to believe that true Generative thought was achieved. The Machine is in reality an updated version of Wolfgang Von Kempelen Mechanical Turk (1770) . The  so called T.O.F.I.G.H.I. Machine utilizes a mechanical chessboard and an AI to play a match with as combination of brute force strategy and sheer mechanized idiocy to beat any player, championing error and real time manipulation of contingency as the hallmark and zone of creative thought/Intelligence ending the monopoly in a patented form of creative exertion.

An album of matches was recorded under the Critical Band Tofighi Plays T.O.F.I.G.H.I.