Alan S. Tofighi & The Nouroboros Octet Live

From the Desk of Alan S. Tofighi

"For my electronic music final, I have decided to create the electroacoustic colossus that will be the Nouroboros Octet (or double quartet if I want to reference Ornette)

 I will have 15 mins. of music varying from aluminum neck guitar, analog synthesis, DIY synth, prepared instruments rolling chairs, Yuri Landman instruments, Tape Music, Home made instruments, Drums, skateboards, Violin, and a fish tank. 

Along with all of this will be my new 15 minute animated piece.

This will be the first time I will have performed live in public in over three years, also the first time I will have ever conducted a group through a composition that I have written. 

The Event is Free.

Hope you all can make it.

Come for the dubstep, leave when my music starts."

Saturday December 7, 2013
7 pm 
28727 Industry Drive, Castaic CA