Album a Month Release: December- "Two Does Not Equal Eight" by Nouroboros Octet

The latest installment of the AAMR for the month of December is NORO-30 "Two Does Not Equal Eight" by the Nouroboros Octet.

Recorded Live December 7, at the COC Electronic Music Presentation Alan S. Tofighi Leads the Nouroboros Quartet through his aleatoric piece "Adrenalin in Five Stages" conducting musicians with Hourglass Sand Timers. The second performance of Winters Permutation features live processing of various electroacosutic sources done live.

Live instrumentation included a prepared piano, conga, chimes, vibraphone, Contact Microphones, Skateboard, Coin Purses, Percussion, Timpani, The Yuri Landman Whopper, Electric Guitars, Modular Synthesis and Vocals.

Album Art,Conducting, various electronic by Alan S. Tofighi. David Tofighi-Contact Mic, skateboard, chimes. Harry Koebler-Vibraphone. Bernardo Feldman-Technician, microphone, vocal, Various, electronics. 

Can be heard and or purchased Here