NORO-32 Non Partial Flame - Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros

NORO-32 Non Partial Flame by Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros, is an album exploring the microtonal textures of the Whopper three stringed instrument built by Yuri Landman. A dry signal accompanied by a mixed and overt delay signal compromise the bulk and non synchronistic rhythm of the composition.

An exploration and interpretation on the twin flame concept, but staunchly a piece exploring concepts of improvised rhythm and tuning. the Yuri Landman Whopper.

The composition was recorded at COC for an Introduction to Electronic music class in November 2013, and mastered in February of 2014. Yuri Landman Whopper is played by Alan S. Tofighi & Processed by Nouroboros. Album art by Alan S. Tofighi.

Can be heard and or purchased Here