NORO-34 Phalanxes - Alan S. Tofighi & Francisco Marin

NORO-34 Phalanxes by Alan S. Tofighi & Francisco Marin,Is the First Meeting of the minds between Alan S. Tofighi of Nouroboros and Francisco Marin of Pure Shit processed through indeterminacy immediacy, improvisation, and temperature. Working with new instruments and random tunings, these recordings demonstrate the natural force of improvisation that has been essential in both performers careers

Album demonstrating the nature of torture as means of obsession, completion, spectacle, entertainment, and or and demanding a way to conclusion of answer as an act of at least two participants.

Recorded live at NORO Labs in Valencia CA, Yuri Landman Colibri played by Francisco Marin, Guitar, Electronics, Modular Synth Album art by Alan S. Tofighi.

Can be heard and or purchased Here. Also Available on Tape Via Higher Dimensions