NORO-35 Twins - Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros Octet II-III

NORO-35 Twins is a Live Documentaion of Nouroboros Octet II and III which performed respectively at COC Elektronika Festival on June 4, 2014 and Young Composers Conference II June 14, 2014.

NOROCTET II featured Aleatoric Music in which the performers were instructed to have stylistic shifts that would occur during five sequences of randomly calibrated hourglasses in which a live 
soundtrack for a film that was not viewable would be recorded for.

NOROCTET III Features a live composition in which a soundtrack to a previously unseen film is screened and interpreted immediately. The Composition however was interrupted by Police.

Nouroboros Octet II Bernardo Feldman- End Voice Francisco Marin -Yuri Landman Colibri Nouroboros- Electronics Alan S. Tofighi- Aluminum neck jaguar, Modular Synthesis Luis Villa- Korg MS-20, Yuri Landman Whopper, Gakken Sx-150 

Nouroboros Octet III 

Can be heard and or purchased Here