NORO-38 More Approximated Worlds - Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros

NORO-38 More Approximated Worlds by Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros is a Live album consisting of Improvised Violin with preparations and live realized alternate tunings. Musical Allegory for an allegorical work. Pun on Pun and beyond.

Based as a theme to a multi-creation myth piece, Hanging/Garden/ Crystal World" The album features a return to Violin but with alternate tuning and preparations by Alan S. Tofighi and Live processing and modular Synth patching by Nouroboros

The album was recorded live at NORO Labs in Valencia CA 2015

Violin, Vocals, Wire, and Album Art by Alan S. Tofighi, Processing, Modular Synth, Nouroboros

Can be heard or purchased Here.