HD_6 Cross Pollination of Suspension (Hog Wild At the Lizard Feed) Tape - Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros

It is with Great Pleasure that I Announce the Arrival and Release of HD_6 Cross Pollination of Suspension (Hog Wild At the Lizard Feed Tape). Higher Dimensions has put out the First Official non hypo-limited release of a Nouroboros Industrial Concern Release in a physical Format. Edition of 50 which can be bought from Alan S. Tofighi, or Via Francisco Marin at Pure.franciscomarin@gmail.com

Higher Dimensions Is an extreme and occult text store as well as the most promising label and my favorite, hands down. Most of the back catalog is out of print but worth hunting down if you can. Francisco Marin, being one of the most unique artists working in Imaging, also has been playing Bass in Pure Shit since at least 2011. Press and those who believe that post-hawkwind psych bands are leading new Directions in the "underground" need to go and see Pure Shit blissfully annihilate all those assumptions.Beyond God and Beyond hype. Pure Shit is Pure and infallible.

Higher Dimesnions Entertainment

Pure Shit