NORO-39 Intelligent Design - Alan S. Tofighi & Toys Not Music

NORO-39 Intelligent Design, Is the Debut Album by Toys Not Music. Toys Not Music is The Gnostic Novelty record for the Simulation Era that is the early 21st Century.

Equal Parts Basilides, Kim Fowley, Russolo, and Tuna & The Rock-cats...Toys Not Music meditate and converge on the arena of the beat of life and the Amplified Snare Drum Surface. The Dectet starts out one demonstrating their purported notions of creation, ultimately  by one finally collaborating and creating their post-motorik micro-rhythm form

The album was recorded live at NORO Labs in Valencia CA 2015

Alan S. Tofighi- Album Art, Recording, Coordinator, Arranger, Drums
Nouroboros- Electronics
Henny Penny- Egg Laying Drum
Peck- Hatchling Staccato Drum
Trickceratops- Charging Drum
Hercules- Molting crawl Drum
Clampton- Molting crawl Drum
Anonymouse- Sprint Drum and Tail Bongo
Amphibrain- Floater Drum
Kickaroo- Squat Drum 
Can be heard or purchased Here.