NORO-43 Toy Killer - Alan S. Tofighi & Toys Not Music

NORO-43 Toy Killer by Alan S. Tofighi & Toys Not Music

Toy Killer the new live album By Alan S. Tofighi & Toys Not Music continues the motorik futurist electroacoustic forms explored on the Gnostic novelty Intelligent Design. retelling the age old transition from "punk" to "noise" this album is an easily observable path for the initiated.

Recorded at Lyons Den, Newhall October 23, 2015

Anonymouse -Sprint Drum, Tail Bongo, vocals Chirps II -Hatchling staccato Drum, vocals Henny Penny -Egg Laying Drum Trickceratops -Charging Drum Hercules -Molting Crawl Drum Clampton -Molting Crawl Drum Amphibrain -Floating Drum Kickaroo - Squt Drum Albertigator- Deathroll Drum Squeaky Peter -Vocals Resident -Bounce Drum Clowny -Water Drum Cardio - Pump Drum Skullman- Dance Drum Glam Pup -Glitter Drum Trumphead -Death blow drum Hank -Hand Drum Penguino -Ice Drum Terrysaurus rex -Ancient Drum Chordata -Bone Drum Big Burger -Vocals Billion Dollar Snakey -Snake drum Alan S. Tofighi - conducting, snare Drum

Album Art, Recording -Alan S. Tofighi

Can be heard or purchased Here.