NORO-50 The Laughing Clown/The Burning Clown - Nouroboros

NORO-50 The Laughing Clown/The Burning Clown Is a polemical album of electronic compositions by Nouroboros.

as claimed by Nouroboros this is the "last labyrinth". it was known since as early as September of 2016 that this would be the last NOuroboros industrial Concern Album by Nouroboros or Alan S. Tofighi. This work marks a decisive shift in collaboration and intention between Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros aesthetically and ideologically. The album was recorded on Alan S. Tofighi's equipment at the NORO Labs studio in Valencia CA, without his knowledge and the results are a critue  and refutation on notions of equipment and collaboration.

Electronics, Artwork, Recording -Nouroboros.

Can be heard  and or purchased Here.