Realization For The Unnamable And Unclaimable Aria/Potential Threnody For The Critical And Pre-Taxonomized (RFUU) (2016) is a work in which a room populated utilizing the Fortean Tactic of dialectically assembling aestheticised cryptozoological and endangered/extinct organisms  into an environment to stake a claim on the legality of existence. The viewer is presented a text illustrating the history of  these organisms that in one way or another were thought to have not existed but have existed in artworks, folk histories, or myth are represented and their link to endangered species once "verified".

If the reader trusts the text the organisms need not be disturbed and they can sign the petition to give intreats and temporary protection for these speculative organism. If in doubt, or curious entrance into the darkened room with a wildlife checklist in hand is an option. The organisms they encounter are sensitive and reactive, they emit actions and/or sounds that intensify as they are disrupted. Should the viewer become dissatisfied and receive trauma they are free to discard their checklist in a historical  elephant foot trash can to further hit the pathos of denying the existence to these creatures. Outside the space if convinced the option to once again sign the petition to put into California state legislature a law that would protect  the speculative/pre-taxonomised organisms, a stronger protection of critically endangered species, and  ultimately a work to legitimize the works of cryptozoologists.

The history of these organisms and their relation to the sublime, cultural value/currency, social hierarchy  and the legalities of existence are worked through accompanying literature present at the site. These organisms are ultimately rendered into existence in the time honored forms of oil paint for cryptids and watercolor for the taxonomized.

The event took place in an acoustically rich room and a series of arias were recorded with these either extinct or unverified organisms whose sounds have rarely been described. The aria/trhenody format to further establish the sublime and over-aestheticized social acceptance of these otherwise conflicting organisms

Texts present at event

Realization For The Unnameable And Unclaimable Aria/Potential Threnody For The Critical And Pre-Taxonomized

Cryptozoology: Anomaly, Social Hierarchy/information based stultification”,  willful disappearance, cultural Identity, endangered commodity, and the legality of existence.  or In defense of the “Half Real-Half Insane” Thesis by Alan S. Tofighi