Gate were a series of Process based generative works. The first employed Mokune-Game techniques and imprint from resonant frequencies over layers of clay. The results were encased in resin to never resonate again.

Textured Expressers is a series of glass orbs coated with different tactile sensations that would effect the whistling of the orbs when swung overhead. The textures would encourage or discourage the performer from swinging vigorously from fear or desire of the textures brushing against them. This is further complicated by the extremely delicate nature of the instrument.

Blunder reducer is a customized guitar in which the neck was removed and in place a sheet of aluminum was placed over the pickups.

Drip Chain installed as part of the installation The Los Angeles Water Table by Joachim Eckl. This outdoor social sculpture was one of many by other students in Michael Pisaro's Experimental Music Workshop class at CalArts. Participants were asked to freeze their own personal drinking water and to bring that sculpture where it would interact with other sculptures and sound.